About The Book

HORSE TRAILS of FLORIDA is a unique book for any rider who wants to experience Florida’s extended network of horse trails.

Written by Kathy Wright, an experienced trail-rider, Horse Trails of Florida answers the question of where to go, how to get there, where to park, where to stay, and — oh, by the way — where’s the trailhead?

More than 116 trails are featured, with 66 accompanying maps. Each featured trail also includes:

Trail Description
Information on trail lengths, trail contact telephone numbers, footing, and the ecology of the area.

Points of Interest
Historical tidbits, nearby sights, and other things of interest.

Whether it’s primitive camping or a B&B, this section details where you—and your horse—can spend the night.

Many trails are not well known, so we provide directions for all featured trails.

All of this has been pulled together for you to make planning your next trail-riding adventure easier. Florida has an abundance of great trail-riding locations and a year- round riding climate. So saddle up and get going!

The Book

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The Sections

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